Create & Organize Faster

Nira is a no compromise collaboration platform for digital creators

Collaborate & Track

Visual markup tools allow you to exchange precise feedback with your team while tracking progress from start to finish.

Inspect & Review

Quickly identify issues using intuitive scene debugging and camera navigation tools with mouse, keyboard, touch, or AR.

Powerful & Secure

Nira uses a server-based rendering architecture allowing assets to be instantly and securely viewed on any device. All you need is a web browser.

Share & Organize

Share assets using a simple web link. There’s no need to understand complex controls, learn a DCC, or wait for huge files to download. Send links, not data.

Pipeline Friendly

No need to install plug-ins. Upload via drag & drop or API. Use the built-in PBR shaders, your custom shaders, or integrate your renderer. Your pipeline, your choice.

Collaborate & Track

Monitor the progress of assets from start to finish. Compare versions using the A|B wipe tool. View files independently or with others in a real-time collaborative meeting. No more guesswork — files, version history, annotations, markups, and comments are all organized in one place.

Inspect & Review

Quickly find issues early in production using the built-in mesh and animation inspection tools. Match your pipeline’s unique look with pixel-perfect accuracy by integrating custom shaders or renderers.

Nira was built for 3D and non-3D experts alike with support for various input and camera navigation methods including mouse/keyboard, stylus, touch, and AR.

Powerful & Secure

Nira supports Realtime Physically Based Rendering (PBR) with UDIM textures of up to 32K and polycounts in the billions. It’s accessible on any device, including resource-constrained mobile hardware.

Moving large data files is error-prone and time consuming. With Nira, all data is rendered on a server and only the rendered pixels are sent to the client device. Share confidently without the risk of piracy or misuse.

Share & Organize

Use Nira as a Digital Backlot, with rich search and tagging. Quickly assemble scenes by dragging-and-dropping from Nira into your DCC. Auto-Convert to other formats for compatibility with various DCCs or web standards (e.g., glTF and USDz). Original source files are always kept private unless you explicitly make them available.

Pipeline Friendly

The viewer client runs completely within a web browser, enhancing your pipeline without requiring installation of software or plug-ins onto individual machines. Nira supports native filetypes, so there’s no need to export to an intermediate format. Assets can flow into Nira using web drag-and-drop or directly from your existing production tools via an easy-to-use API. Use our cloud, your cloud, or no cloud at all (on-premise). The Nira server-side components are fully containerized for easy deployment and updates.

Nira @ Real-Time Live!

Siggraph 2019

Nira is a new offering from dRaster, Inc.

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